What are the kitchen opening hours ?  

Mon: closed     Tues/Wed/Thurs: 4-9     Fri: 4-10   Sat: Lunch-10   Sun: Lunch-9

Can we pay for orders over the phone?

  • yes that is no problem. just let us know when you are ordering and we will ask for a credit card number and expiry date. (we don't accept diners club or american express). 

What type of meat are your spare ribs?

  • We have pork ribs

Can we change what is on a pizza or in a pasta sauce?

  • Yes that is fine, everything is made fresh on the premises . Each addition to a pizza will incur an extra charge of $1.

Can we pay by credit card or eftpos?

  • Yes you can. There is a $20 minimum on each payment.  

Can we have more than one bill per table?

  • Generally one bill per table.Upon request will split bill two ways only. IF splitting, just keep in mind that there is a $20 minimum on card payments.  

If we don’t have a booking of more than 25 can we still do the banquet?

  • Yes you may. If you have over 10 people the banquet is optional all the time. For $25 dollars a head you will not experience this anywhere else.


Do we have to do the banquet deals if we book for 25 or more people on a weeknight?

  • No. it is optional for groups that large on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Large groups must  choose a banquet on a Friday or Saturday though.


How many people does a party animal pizza feed?

  • It depends on how much each person will eat, whether the pizza is the only food, and a lot of different questions need to be asked to find this out. The best guideline we can give is that: there are about 60 squares that are the size of finger food (about 3 inch squares).

Can we bring our own cake?

     Yes, you can , however cakeage of $3 per head will be charged. If you bring own plates and cutlery and self-serve we do not charge cakeage.   Thanks. 



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